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Patch Magic Quilts

Flutterring Butterflies Quilt, Hand cut and Appliqued cotton fabric motifs.

Flutterring Butterflies Quilt, Hand cut and Appliqued cotton fabric motifs.

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Butterflies of various colors, some sitting on the flowers ready to suck honey with their spiral tubed mouth while fluttering their wings; worm-shaped caterpillars slowly moving on the brown branches patched on the Quilt will make the room lively, bringing relaxation and happiness to the tired who return home after a hard day's work, removing your worries. The fluffed hand-layered organic cotton fill and soft cotton fabric shell are extraordinarily soft, warm, comfortable, and cool. Our quilts are hand appliquéd using real appliqué parts and are not printed. It is hand-quilted rather than machine-quilted. We provide 100% original traditional quilting. The quilt's reverse is composed of homespun cloth, while the backing is made of yarn-dyed fabric.


  • 100% Cotton handmade reversible double-sided Quilt.
  • The quilt is filled with 100 percent natural organic cotton and hand embroidered.
  • Hand quilted, not machine quilted. Original traditional quilting.
  • Reverses to homespun fabric, yarn-dyed fabric backing.
  • Hand appliqued, real applique parts. Not printed.

Care Instruction:

  • Machine washable.
  • Washes well.
  • Avoid bleach or strong chemicals.
  • Use a gentle hand wash cycle.
  • Machine dry.
  • Air fluff.

Special Note:

The colors on your screen may not be an exact match. Please ask for swatches when in doubt. Custom-made sizes and winter weight filling are available. Contact us ( for more details.

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