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Patch Magic Quilts

Patch Magic Quilts - Elk Trail Queen Quilt 85"W x 95"L

Patch Magic Quilts - Elk Trail Queen Quilt 85"W x 95"L

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The quilt's central panel is crafted from grey fabric adorned with visible stitching patterns, creating a focal point of subtle sophistication. Surrounding this central feature are layered borders, each adding depth and character to the design. The quilt boasts a variety of border layers, including a vibrant plaid fabric border with green, red, and yellow stripes, followed by a solid green fabric border for a touch of simplicity. Another layer of plaid fabric, reminiscent of the first, adds continuity and cohesion to the composition. Additionally, a beige border embellished with charming animal motifs and tree or plant-inspired designs further enhances the quilt's appeal. Framing the entirety of the quilt is a rich, dark green border, providing a polished finish to the intricate design. With its captivating mix of plaids and solids, complemented by silhouettes of animals, this quilt exudes a timeless charm that will enrich any space it graces.

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