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Patch Magic Quilts

Patch Magic Quilts - Forever Twin Quilt 65"W x 85"L

Patch Magic Quilts - Forever Twin Quilt 65"W x 85"L

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Your attention is drawn to the quilt pillows and bedspread, which are all encrusted with eight cornered piercing stars made of 100 percent cotton. The border features numerous triangles of different colors pointing to the left, implying that the sun rises in the east (right) and sets in the west (left), providing warmth. The fluffed hand-layered organic cotton fill and soft cotton fabric shell are extraordinarily soft, warm, comfortable, and cool. Our quilts are hand appliquéd using real appliqué parts and are not printed. It is hand-quilted rather than machine-quilted. We provide 100% original traditional quilting. The quilt's reverse is composed of homespun cloth, while the backing is made of yarn-dyed fabric.

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