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Patch Magic Quilts

Patch Magic Quilts - Horse Queen Quilt 85"W x 95"L

Patch Magic Quilts - Horse Queen Quilt 85"W x 95"L

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The quilt vividly portrays scenes of horses and ponies in various activities: a white pony peacefully lying in a pasture, while a dark brown pony suckles from its mother, who lovingly licks it in return; a white horse and a brown horse galloping fiercely behind a wooden fence border; light brown and dark brown horses peering out of stables; and brown and white spotted horses grazing on green grass. Inset details include a horse cart with fodder covered by a yellow blanket and a forked spade, as well as a jockey's room with his kit and a caned round stool. The colors evoke the ambiance of a ranch, with shades of green, brown, and blue skies. These scenes bring joy to everyone who sees them, especially horse lovers.

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