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Patch Magic Quilts

Patch Magic Quilts - Lab Trail Queen Quilt 85"W x 95"L

Patch Magic Quilts - Lab Trail Queen Quilt 85"W x 95"L

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This captivating quilt showcases a central design that immediately captures attention. Against a warm yellowish square backdrop, striking silhouettes command the spotlight: a person, adorned with a hat, points skyward, while a faithful dog sits nearby, both gazing toward the heavens where a graceful bird soars. Encircling this enchanting tableau are borders that add depth and charm to the composition. The first border, in a rich brown hue, frames the scene with warmth, while the second, a soft grey with small black X-shaped stitches, adds a subtle yet distinctive touch. The third border, wider and also brown, is adorned with delicate white dots, lending an air of whimsy. Finally, the outermost border, echoing the second in color, features endearing dog silhouettes, completing the narrative of companionship and wonder woven throughout the quilt. Each element comes together to create a scene of observation and shared awe, where humans, canines, and birds unite in a moment of quiet fascination.

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